Geese Police of Loudoun Goosedogs For Sale

We believe the reason we have grown so rapidly and have been such a success is because of the client-oriented focus of the company.   Because Geese Police of VA goes the extra mile to make a difference for our clients, we are repaid tenfold by referrals and word of mouth in general.

Did you know that all of our working dogs have been through a rigourous Geese Police Academy Training Program before coming to work for us?

All of our dogs are pure-bred working Border Collies.  Border Collies have a wolf-like glance called the "eye".  This intense stare influences the flock into flight or movement.


Geese Police of VA started out as a 1-person operation.  We have retired countless canines to excellent homes, and currently house many working Border Collies, including goosedogs for sale.   We work and retrain the collies regularly on sheep and ducks.  This is especially important during quieter times of the year, when these high-energy working dogs will still need their minds and bodies challenged.

The employees play a big role in the success of our company, as they are the first contact the general public will have with Geese Police of VA when going out on a site for the first time.

We are excited about the ongoing success of Geese Police of VA, and look forward to building a team of loyal and dedicated employees to carry out this mission.


From there, Cathy’s business started to grow as developers, office parks and companies up and down the Dulles corridor caught wind of her service and began to contract for geese removal.


Every morning before their full-time jobs, on lunch breaks, or on their way home from work, Cathy and her partner would drive their dogs to the respective sites to herd geese. Soon they were having trouble keeping up with demand and found themselves taking on a number of full and part-time employees.

In April 2000, business was growing so rapidly that Cathy made a giant leap of faith. She bought her partner out.  Then she gave up her career with a real estate management company, not to mention the steady paycheck and free housing it afforded her.  She devoted herself 100% to Geese B. Gone and turned it into a successful and respected company.


Later that year, in December, Cathy was exhibiting at a tradeshow when she met Dave Marcks, the owner of a well-established company called Geese Police. The first words out of her mouth to Dave were, “Don't try to sell me a franchise.” Cathy said she was proud of Geese B. Gone and didn’t want anyone telling her how to run her business.

However, Cathy and Dave hit it off professionally and in talking to him she realized he had developed solutions to some of the many challenges and issues that had arisen in the course of business. After some research on Dave’s company, she discovered that Geese Police was the first of its kind to utilize Border Collies, a remarkable breed of dog Cathy felt was the key to her rapid growth and the asset that most separated her from other pest removal services. Given his incredible knowledge and 15 years of experience, Cathy came to the realization that the benefits of partnering with Dave far outweighed her desire to remain an independent entity.

In 2001, Geese Police of VA/MD was created as a franchise of Geese Police Inc.  Soon thereafter, Cathy bought a small farm in Frederick, Maryland, and two Border Collies from the Geese Police Academy, bringing her staff of four-legged workers to four. Cathy’s collection of dogs at that time included one of the original Border Collies that helped her launch her company, Tippy, and Cait, a gift from a well-known breeder, and the two additions from the Academy, Flos and Davey. 


Tippy has since passed away, but Cathy continues to honor her as the matriarch of the Geese Police of VA and still makes her a part of the company by including photos of her in all printed materials, greeting cards and on the Geese Police of VA web site.

A native of Alexandria, Virginia, Cathy operates her business from her 54-acre farm in Leesburg, VA. She is an NDART volunteer for the Humane Society of the United States in her spare time.

photo by Dianne Neveras

Malcolm Forbes once gave a commencement address in which he told the graduating seniors that the secret of success was to find something you love and do it. Forbes claimed that when people find something they love to do, then what they do for a living doesn’t feel like work and they end up doing it longer and harder than anyone.


Such has been the career path of Cathy Benedict, owner of Geese Police of Virginia.

An acknowledged animal lover and long-time advocate for the rights of wild and domesticated animals, Benedict was at a Frisbee competition in 1999 when a chance meeting planted a seed in her mind. Another competitor told Cathy he was using Border Collies to help drive geese off commercial properties in Pennsylvania. 

At that point Cathy’s entrepreneurial spirit took over and, with the help of a partner, formed a company called Geese B. Gone. She dedicated her company to the humane removal of geese from commercial and industrial properties. Geese B. Gone’s first contract was with Lowes Island Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia. Not coincidentally, it’s second was with Lansdowne, a convention and golf resort just down the Leesburg Pike from Lowes Island.